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We are a team of consultants specialized in management consulting, business strategy and enabling technologies.

Our services are orientated towards identifying and resolving the areas that most contribute to generating modern complexity in large companies and SMEs. We offer solutions that facilitate, accelerate and simplify alignment between people, processes and technologies, resulting in a greater competitive advantage and an increase in cost efficiency and revenue.

We develop ad hoc strategic-organizational plans for our clients including developing growth plans, analysis-optimization-design of processes, validation of business models, analysis of customer value, project/change management and introduction of enabling technologies.

Our objective is to deliver a service that can support key decision makers in maximizing their return on investment.

Head Office

Via Copernico 38

20125 Milan (MI) – IT

P +39 02 83422165

GOOD NUMBERS ®TM is a Board certifier and partner.

Head Office
Via Fornace Morandi 24
35133 Padova (PD) – IT

T  +39 049 7350489

Siamo un team di professionisti specializzati in Business Intelligence, Analytics e Corporate Performance Management. Dal 2003 affianchiamo i nostri clienti, contribuendo all’analisi dei dati e consigliandoli nelle scelte di ogni giorno. Forniamo un sistema All In One di supporto alle decisioni. 

Progettiamo e realizziamo modelli di analisi, budgeting, pianificazione e reporting. Siamo esperti nel “leggere” e organizzare i numeri, adottando un approccio integrato, fatto di competenze business, ma anche tecnologiche. 

GOOD NUMBERS ®TM  è business partner storico e certificate di BOARD un applicativo che ci consente sintesi, chiarezza e flessibilità.

Sede Operativa
Via Fornace Morandi 24
35133 Padova (PD) – IT
T  +39 049 7350489

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