Consulting Services
Our services made to measure are aimed at maximising return and resolving strategic challenges for our clients.


Redefine your Business Strategy

Governing the Business and Managing Change

When market-imposed limits threaten growth, it’s time to rethink strategy. Significant changes that impact internally or externally the Business, such as changes in demand, cash flow or profitability can put Business Continuity at risk.

We support your business by recommending corrective actions to realign or relaunch the business: To find out more, contact one of our consultants.

Align your Offer with Demand

Deliver products and services that meet your customer’s needs

Turbulence in the market can create opportunities for your competitors which impact your profits. Knowing what your customers are thinking about you, about your competitors and about their purchasing plans for the future allows you to react swiftly to close the gap.

C-Value listens to your customers and gathers strategic Insights to enable decision making regarding all areas of the business: Learn More.

Increase Productivity

Align people, processes and technology to increase competitivity

Monitoring productivity enables a Business to control its costs and service levels which in turn means margin and also pricing competitivity. When this is done on a continuous basis, the Business is able to identify when a process review is required and react swiftly to maintain its position.

We develop Efficiency and Optimization plans aimed at maintaining consistency between all areas of the business increasing the return on resources and investments: To find out more, contact one of our consultants.

Create an Effective Organizational Structure

Design a robust and agile organization

A company’s organizational structure is the pillar of a business and has to support management, processes, communication, and information flows. An agile organization is able to evolve over time to changes in the businesses ecosystem especially during turbulent times.

We offer programmes regarding: Organizational Review, Change Management, Process Review and Personnel Management. Also Organizational Design and Open Innovation for specific entities: To find out more, contact one of our consultants.

Invest in Innovation, Technology and Analytics

Ensure return on investment in Innovation

Innovation can be state of the art and radical, however in some cases only marginal investments are required. Planning investments accurately in this area, including new technology for manufacturing, platforms and network infrastructure to optimize data and enabling technologies (e.g. Robotics, IoT, AI, Big Data), requires an in depth evaluation to assure that they generate profit.

We perform evaluations for: Industry Trend Analysis, Benchmarking, Business Planning, Technology Due-Diligence, External and Internal Risk/Impact Analysis and Alternative Investments Guide: To find out more, contact one of our consultants.

Auditing and Control Programme

Monitor the KPIs that lead to your company’s goals

Audit/Management Control gives control of the numbers that describe the progress of the business performance over time. Past and present data is measured, monitored and models are developed for the future to implement actions that lead to profit.

We create a Management Control programme which includes a Budget and Business Plan to monitor progress over any timescale allowing visibility of if and when adjustments need to be implemented: To find out more, contact one of our consultants.

Managing Governance, Leadership and Succession

Creating a foundation for Business Continuity

In planning the succession of companies, family members are not always in a position to takeover the running of the business. It may seem like the only available ‘exit’ strategy is that of selling to a third party transferring ownership. A transition however is possible without resorting to selling the business or resorting to a M&A.

Our intervention consists of a Governance Transition Plan which takes into consideration the fundamentals of the business: family, management and ownership: To find out more, contact one of our consultants.

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