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Management Consulting

Management Consulting is the pivot of our business. We help our customers make their business more profitable and we introduce innovation.

We offer a wide range of services, from developing long-term strategies aimed at transformation of a company, to rethinking the sales structure and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization and its processes.

Analisi del Valore customer value

Customers do not give feedback and constructive criticism spontaneously; companies do not always have the time to listen and act on concrete empirical evidence. We have developed a methodology which enables us to gather reliable and upfront information which can be used to define new strategic action points which respond to the feedback received. We put our customers in a position to quickly answer fundamental questions including: -will I win the next tender? Are we competitive in terms of quality / pricing / product range? Am I managing the business relationship well? Would my clients recommend me to other potential customers?

Business Process Reengineering

Any business sooner or later has to deal with the effectiveness of its processes. Technologies, people, products and information generate a complex system based on rules that are sometimes more fragile than they seem.

A single event that occurred at any point inside or outside the company system is capable of having a significant impact on many business processes. This is why we help our customers to understand the delicate alchemy that underlies them and we support them to maximize their performance and effectiveness over time.

Business modelling, financial strategy

It is not enough to do good accounting. Building credible analytical models that describe the future of a business initiative or a single project has a huge impact on the quality of managerial decisions. We consider all aspects of the business that effect the success of a business initiative and quickly translate complexity into a clear strategic plan.

Innovazione BusinessTech

Innovating does not necessarily require radical change or the invention of a new idea or a new technology. Innovation needs to be applied to the right area at the right scale. Often small changes can completely modify the business model, the product or the service levels offered; this also is called ‘innovation’. We address the issue of innovation responsibly, we are fully aware that only a meticulous evaluation alongside our customers and a thorough analysis of various business aspects can lead to sustainable innovation projects over time.

People & Change Management

People make the success of an organization and help determine its value.

We support customers in the development of human resources, carrying out interventions that effectively accompany a path of change, motivation and improvement of internal performance and skills.

Digital Transformation

We work alongside our clients not to simply translate a tool into a strategy but to build digital experiences, strategic guidelines and growth plans where the use of new technologies is the starting point in designing a suitable and comprehensive digital strategy. We prepare concrete and sustainable change paths to transform traditional business models. We support management in the evaluation and decision-making process.

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