A survey developed specifically for B2B companies

How it works

The Customers Perception is your Reality
With this in mind, C-Value has been designed to gather real opinions regarding customer experience and customer satisfaction. C-Value enables you to build an experience aligned with your customers’ needs and expectations. By improving their satisfaction and your existing relationship, you increase your return on customer investment.



Analyzing Customer Experience to increase Loyalty


Rethinking Customer Solutions to increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers are selected based on their suitability as participants to ensure that authentic opinions are gathered and maximum value is gained from the results.

The survey can gather insights on one or more areas for example Customer Satisfaction, experience with the Services and Products offered or identification of an approach to launch Innovative products.

Each survey is customized both at attribute level and the KPI’s on which feedback will be collected which will identify the areas which need improvement or immediate action.

Customers participating in the survey acknowledge the investment being made in the existing relationship producing a positive effect on the customer experience right from the beginning.

By conducting periodically this survey, the data collected becomes a strategic asset for the company from which to formulate guidelines and take decisions on all business areas.

Consulting Mix guarantees transparency and impartiality during all phases of the process without overlapping with the existing supplier/client relationship. This allows for objective, reliable and relevant feedback to be obtained on which to base the corrective actions.


Participants are identified in target with the objectives which need to be satisfied by the survey. C-Value can be used to focus on some or all of the company's departments, from procurement to installation and testing, from sales to marketing. Parameters can be used to evaluate both at a macro level, or in detail, for example, satisfaction with the no. of visits to the customer in the last year, or the no. of requests where expectations were not met.


You will be the first point of contact for your customers, where you will present the initiative and ask them to take part in the survey. To preserve your customers trust and existing business relationship with you, we enter the scene only once we have received confirmation from you of the participating customer. From this moment on, we operate via ongoing contact with your sales and project representatives.


Once the fielding phase of the survey is over and after collecting feedback from all the customers involved, we analyze and classify the data so that the areas of intervention are identified and the KPIs are validated before starting to develop and summarize corrective and improvement actions.

Action Plan

Consulting Mix will share an action plan highlighting the areas in which your customers require greater attention or immediate action. Also the areas in which the company has margins for improvement compared to various factors including competitive positioning, pricing, productivity, time to market, process efficiency.


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