A survey developed specifically for B2B companies

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CValue is a unique service that collects objective Insights which enable you to define new strategies to meet your market’s needs. Our projects are designed to collect information relevant to you which can be used to resolve your company’s key issues across all areas of the organization by increasing your businesses potential.


Analyzing Customer Experience to increase Loyalty


Rethinking Customer Solutions to increase Customer Satisfaction
Customers are selected based on their suitability as participants to ensure that authentic opinions are gathered and maximum value is gained from the results.
The survey is designed to gather insights regarding all areas of the Business including specific product or service lines.

Each survey is customized around the business using internal attributes and KPI’s. These will define the information gathered and used to identify the areas which require action in order to maximise profit.

By conducting periodically the interviews , the data collected becomes a proprietary strategic asset for the company to utilize when strategic decisions need to be taken.

Consulting Mix guarantees transparency and impartiality during all phases of the process. This enables objective, reliable and relevant feedback to be obtained and used in our recommendations.



Participants are identified in target with the goal of the survey. The survey can be used to focus on some or all areas of the business on a macro or micro level.


Interviews are planned once all participants are confirmed. During the fielding we maintain contact with your sales and project representatives.


Onceall interviews have been completed, data is analized and classified and the areas requirement action are identified.

Customer Report

A Customer and Global Report is presented containing our recommendations.


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